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Quality Assurance Policy

Cargo Line recognises that today’s competitive environment demands continual improvement to meet the needs of an increasingly complex world market place.
The company is dedicated to achieving leadership in its target markets by fully satisfying its customers’ needs and expectations.
Cargo Line’s main goal is to always deliver to the customer an exceptional standard of service.
Achievement of quality is measured by how the customer perceives Cargo Line in relation to objectives outlined below and KPI’s set by the President of the company:
➜ To offer a comprehensive and competitive transport solution with a high level of service.
➜ To provide personalised service by highly skilled staff with longstanding expertise.
➜ To maintain an online EDI system which facilitates instantaneous communications and product update.
➜ To continuously review the customer’s requirements.
➜ To be proactive and innovative in the delivery of service offered to the customers.
The company fosters a climate whereby all staff are responsible for meeting the above stated quality goals. They are encouraged to actively seek opportunities and methods for improving the services offered.
Cargo Line must always review its main quality aims and set appropriate performance objectives. The staff is to measure and control the standards being attained against those that the company strives towards.
This policy is supported by all members of senior management and must be understood and followed by staff, at all times.
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